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Being intensely loved
by that special person
provides one strength,
while loving someone special
deeply provides courage.

Till it has loved,
no man or woman can become itself.

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I must see her
and press her to my heart.
I love her
to the point of madness,
and I cannot continue
to be separated from her.
If she no longer loved me,
I would have
nothing left to do on earth.

No one has ever loved anyone
the way everyone wants to be loved.

Somebody loves us, too
- God Himself.
We have been created to
love and to be loved.

To love someone is nothing,
to be loved by someone is something,
but to be loved by
the one you love is everything

Women are made to be loved,
not understood.

Until I truly loved, I was alone

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It requires less skill
to love than to be loved.

The supreme happiness in life
is the conviction that we are loved

Let those love now,
who never loved before,
Let those who always loved,
now love the more.

Men have to make love to feel loved.
Women have to feel loved to make love.

Probably the toughest time in anyone's life
is when you have to murder
a loved one because they're the devil.

Loved Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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