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Rachel Getting Married


Release Date: October 3, 2008

Runtime: 114 min

Language: English

Tagline: The perfect weekend for a wedding. But the storm is coming.

Director: Jonathan Demme

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Who's In It:

Anne Hathaway as Kym
Rosemarie DeWitt as Rachel
Mather Zickel as Kieran
Bill Irwin as Paul
Debra Winger as Abby

Soundtrack / Songs: Rachel Getting Married Soundtrack - Donald Harrison Jr., Zafer Tawil and Various Artists - 2008

1. Unknown Legend - Tunde Adebimpe
2. Wedding Waltz - Zafer Tawil
3. Kym's Homecoming - Zafer Tawil
4. America - Robyn Hitchcock
5. Here Come The Bride - Brooklyn Demme & Barry Eastmond, Jr.
6. Rachel Loves Sidney - Donald Harrison Jr.
7. Samba For Shiva - Cyro Baptista & Beat The Donkey
8. Ethan's Theme - Zafer Tawil
9. Up To Our Nex - Robyn Hitchcock
10. Dread Natty Congo - Sister Carol East
11. Dancing With Shiva - Black Bombay
12. It's Been Done - Angela McCluskey
13. Lower Ninth Ward Blues - Al "Carnival Time" Johnson
14. In My Soul - Tavash Graham featuring Tamyra Gray
15. Trilla - Brooklyn Demme
16. Rachel Loves Sidney (Studio Version) - Donald Harrison Jr.

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Quotes From Rachel Getting Married:

Kym on knowing her sister is pregnant: That is so unfair!

Kym: You're a lawyer?
Kieran: Was. For about five minutes.
Kym: Say something Legal.
Kieran: Tort.

Walter: I want my fucking Zippo now!
Rosa: Walter, this is a behavior...
Walter: Fuck you!
Rosa: And you are making a choice.
Rosa picking up his cell phone: Hold on... hello?
Walter: God!
Kym: Don't you get it, Waldo? "She's" making a choice not to give you your lighter because you'll torch the Self-Help library again.
Walter: It's Walter. Kill anybody recently? Run over anybody with a fucking car?

Kym: I am Shiva the destroyer, your harbinger of doom this evening.


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