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Teenage Love Quotes And Sayings

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I look at you, looking at me
and wonder why we stare at each other.
All I know is that I stare at you
because when I look in your eyes
I see my past, present and future.
I love the past that we have shared,
I am enjoying the present,
and I love what I see in my future...
and that is us being together!

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I'm looking for a guy who'll kiss me
just before the traffic light turns green,
who closes his eyes when he hugs me,
who will patiently wait for me after class,
who smells my hair every chance he gets,
who will wipe my sweat with his hanky,
who will sing my favorite song
even if he cant cary a tune,
who will let me rest over his shoulder,
who will let me sleep on his lap
and will give me the 1st and last bite of his burger,
who will squeeze my hand tighter when I squeeze his,
who will make me feel special
when everybody tries to put me down,
who will love me for who I am,
who will protect me when danger comes my way,
who will cry when I leave him,
someone who occupies my dream everynight...
and when I find him I will never let him go...
so from now on...
when you think of me...
just remember that i could have been...
the best thing you ever had.

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The greatest ironies of life:
having the right person at the wrong time,
having the wrong person when the time is right,
and finding out that you love someone
after that person walks out of your sight ....

You know you really love some one when
you can not hate them for breaking your heart

sometimes the smallest things in life are
the hardest to do.
like clicking on his
& just saying HEY

Never take someone for granted.
Hold every person close to your heart
because you might wake up one day
and realize that you've lost a diamond
while you were too busy collecting stones.

Teenage Love Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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