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Vicky Cristina Barcelona


Release Date: August 15, 2008

Runtime: 96 min

Language: English, Spanish

Tagline: Life is the ultimate work of art

Director: Woody Allen

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Who's In It:

Rebecca Hall as Vicky
Scarlett Johansson as Cristina
Javier Bardem as Juan Antonio
Penélope Cruz as Maria Elena

Soundtrack / Songs: Vicky Cristina Barcelona Original Soundtrack - Various Artists - 2008

1. Barcelona
2. Gorrión
3. Entre Dos Aguas
4. Noi de La Mare
5. Granada
6. Ley del Retiro
7. When I Was a Boy
8. Big Brother
9. Asturias
10. Your Shining Eyes
11. Entre Olas

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Quotes From Vicky Cristina Barcelona:

Cristina: I'll go to your room, but you'll have to seduce me.

Juan Antonio: We are meant for each other and not meant for each other. It's a contradiction.

Narrator: Vicky returned home to have her grand wedding to Doug. To the house they finally decided to settle in. And to lead the life she envisioned for herself before that summer in Barcelona. Cristina continued searching... certain only, of what she didn't want.

Juan Antonio: Maria Elena used to say that only unfulfilled love can be romantic.


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