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Young Love Quotes

Young Love Quotes Part 1


No, there's nothing half
so sweet in life as love's young dream.

You don't have to be
a certain age to fall in love;
although you've maybe
been told you're to young.
For those who tell you that,
that don't know what love is.

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All of our young lives
we search for someone to love,
someone who makes us complete.
We choose partners and change partners.
We dance to a song of heartbreak
and hope, all the while wondering
if somewhere and somehow
there is someone searching for us.

Love doesn't discriminate;
it is a thing shared
by both young and old.

If young love is just a game
then i must have missed the kickoff

Love is an attempt to change
a piece of a dream-world into reality.

Do not seek the because
- in love there is no because,
no reason, no explanation, no solutions.

True love is something
that can be neither bought nor sold;
it can happen to anyone
either the young or the old.
Once there is love - true love,
it can never be broken.

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Love will find a way through paths
where wolves fear to prey.

Love makes those young
whom age doth chill,
and whom he finds
young keeps young still.

When a young man complains
that a young woman has no heart,
it is a pretty sure sign that she has his.

Young Love Quotes Part 1


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